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Chief Veterinarian

Dr. Clarivel Hernández


Dr. Hernández received her B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Puerto Rico.  While in veterinary school at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Hernández completed her M.S. degree in Reproduction and Immunology. She also worked as an emergency nurse at the UTCVM hospital, gaining extensive experience in Emergency Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Hernández earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree at The University of Tennessee and, upon graduation, she started working as a general practitioner in Florida. Additionally, and exploring her interest in Small Animal Emergency Medicine, she started practicing at the Animal Emergency and Referral Center in Florida.

In 2006, Dr. Hernández relocated to Maryland were she has also worked as a general practitioner in the area of Silver Spring, and as an emergency clinician in the area of Urbana, Maryland. She has been practicing as a general practitioner for more than a decade in the area of Poolesville, offering personalized veterinary care to the pets in this community. She has a special interest in dental care, surgery, trauma, and critical care.   


Dr. Hernández is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Maryland Veterinary Medical Association, and the Veterinary Information Network.  She is also accredited by the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

Dr. Hernández’s non-professional interests include enjoying her family, running, biking, hiking, traveling, and hanging out with her menagerie of dogs and cats. 



Our Supporting Staff

Kassidy Willis, Head Veterinary Tech

Tayrin Pérez-Nuñez, Veterinary Tech

Caitlin Harris, Veterinary Tech


Katie Benson, Veterinary Tech


Arianna Yi, Veterinary Tech


Tina Haga (decd.), always in our hearts!


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